Lovely Deceit

I usually have a lot of jumbled thoughts.  They all fight with each other to see who will come out on top and be the lucky winner to find life as I express them in some form.  The downside to having so many things going on inside your mind is that sometimes, no one wins.  Sometimes there are just too many thoughts and the tangle they create leave nothing but silence and my mind a complete blank and I just stare off into space.  

The worst is when I am standing on a stage, leading worship or in the middle of a show, and the silence of my mind betrays me and it's just so not cool.

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Taking Over

Discouragement.  I have been thinking a lot about discouragement lately.  Maybe because I know so many people who are struggling with discouragement right now, or maybe because I am.  

I once wrote a song and the opening line says 'A tidal wave of self doubt...'.  I think that's how discouragement feels.  It's this overwhelming tsunami of negativity that can bear down on you, steal away your breath, and rip your feet out from underneath you.  When you are in the midst of a season of discouragement, it's kind of like walking a tight rope...

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Changing Names

There are many reasons why a person may desire to change their name...  to make life easier, for sentimentality, for safety, or for a clean slate, just to name a few.  One big reason why people actually change their name is because of marriage.  A major life event followed by a legal and public marker to commemorate the event.  

When I got married and changed my last name, it was kind of a big deal.  I had to think through every aspect of my life, every account, every card, every website...

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