Last year, after playing a show in Northern California, I was approached by a young woman. She wanted to tell me how our song, Scars, had touched her. She then told me that she was barely making ends meet because she spent every free moment that she had volunteering at a suicide/crisis center. She talked about some of the stories she had heard and how she felt like our song really spoke to what so many people are going through.

We want to open a dialog about depression and mental health. In the days leading up to the launch of our music video for Scars, we talked on social media about our experiences with depression and asked for others to share their experiences as well. I think that one of the biggest lies that the enemy whispers into our minds and hearts is that depression, anxiety, and mental health issues and faith are mutually exclusive… that they can’t coexist in the same heart and mind. That is a lie. Let me repeat that… it is absolutely possible to have faith in Jesus and still struggle with depression.

I think that one of the biggest lies that the enemy whispers into our minds and hearts is that depression, anxiety, and mental health issues and faith are mutually exclusive….png

Since sharing our stories, I have heard from so many people about what they have gone through. One woman I’ve known for several years shared her story. This woman has a deep rooted faith and has been a source of encouragement throughout the time that we have known each other. I honestly had no idea that she had planned on two separate occasions to take her own life. To hear her story of how God so tangibly held her firm during her struggle is both inspiring and heartbreaking.

Another woman I know approached me to talk about how her struggle was harder because she felt like she had to hide it.. When she would go out in public, she felt like she couldn’t be honest about her struggles, especially at church.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the church is a hospital’? I know why people say that. They are trying to make the point that we are all broken, all struggling, all imperfect and the church is meant to be the place where we can go in all our various states of brokenness and find healing. The church should be the place where you can feel the most free to be the most yourself. The lie that you have to be perfect is one of the most destructive.

Hiding your struggle with depression doesn’t help you to heal, it keeps your pain in the dark. Bringing pain into the light is where the healing is found. It’s hard. I know. But, healing is found in the light. Sometimes our struggle with depression is spiritual and in those times, it’s our birthright as children of God to take authority and claim the victory. Sometimes our struggle with depression is physical and requires medical intervention. In either case, pushing aside our struggles or pretending they don’t exist will only magnify and multiply them.

We are so humbled by those of you who have trusted us with your stories, so let’s continue the conversation. Leave us a comment here or on any of our social media links. We’d love to connect with you about your experience, our experience, and how we can all find healing together.

Here’s our music video for Scars. We hope it touches your heart like you’ve touched ours.