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James Nobriga + Katie Joy



Established 2014

Faith Based Melodic Pop Rock

His heart skipped a beat when he heard her sing.  Her butterflies took flight with the strum of his guitar.  That was then.  Their road to forever has been paved with several bumps, a ditch or twelve, and more than one fork, but it has made them stronger as individuals and stronger as a couple.

James was born and raised in the Bay Area.  His passion for music began at a young age and was fostered by creating home movies of Bon Jovi lip sync’s, Michael Jackson gloves, and piano duels with his best friend.  Playing in bands throughout high school and college, he always knew that music was much more than a hobby.


Katie was born and raised in a small town in central Southern California and didn’t move to the Bay Area until college.  For Katie, music was always a love and passion, but didn’t become a calling until she was 16.  As a child, she would sit on her front lawn singing her heart out in the hopes that a talent scout would happen to be walking down her street.


It didn’t happen overnight, but they say that nothing worth having comes easy.  It has taken time and hard work, but James and Katie have melded their opposite preferences, found compromise, learned how to prefer each other, and continue to learn how to share their stories with the world.


James and Katie believe that by sharing their stories of pain, heartache, abuse, addiction, fear, love, faith, joy, and healing they can speak life to those who are going through the same things.  There is hope through recovery, Changing Names would like to share theirs.

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